Travel Clinic & Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive travel health and vaccination service. Ideally we require as much notice as possible (ideally 6 weeks) before travelling and the completion of a travel form below. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment after we have received the completed travel form. Please note we regret that no patient will be seen without a completed travel form.

Please note this is for Dolphin House Surgery patients ONLY. We are no longer a Private Travel Vaccination Clinic.

Before your appointment we advise you to go to and look up your planned destination. Remember there is more to travel advice than vaccinations.

Don’t leave it too late

Most vaccinations need to be administered at least 2 weeks before travel but for departures to long haul destinations and some risky destinations a course of injections up to 6 months before is recommended. Getting your travel form to us as quickly as possible is vital to enable us to ensure you are fully protected. Please note on the day and emergency appointments will not be available for travel vaccinations.