Child Health Clinic

6-8 week baby checks are held throughout the week and booked by our admin team directly with you and you will receive a letterabout 2 weeks before the appointment. The baby immunisations are also booked at the same time for the first Thursday after they turn 8 weeks old.

Our local health visitors can help with many problems in children under 5 including

  • post-natal depression
  • emotional support
  • your child’s growth and development
  • feeding your baby, including breast feeding and introducing solids.
  • healthy eating and exercise
  • staying safe and preventing accidents
  • behaviour difficulties (including sleeping, eating, potty training and teething)
  • immunisations
  • some medication prescriptions
  • common infections and skin problems in childhood
  • support for children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • domestic abuse.

Please click this link Health visitors in Hertfordshire ( to find out more about what they can do and how to contact them. Including their very good chat health text service.

All our doctors are paediatric trained and can help with any concerns you may have and our two minor illness nurses can see children over the age of one for any minor illness such as earaches, cough and colds, rashes etc.