Surgery Details:
Dolphin House Surgery:
6/7 East Street
SG12 9HJ
(T) 01920 468777 (F) 01920 484892

Sheffield House:
21 High Street
Stanstead Abbotts
SG12 8AA
(T) 01920 870196
(F) 01920 877566
Private Travel Clinic

Dolphin House surgery now runs a private travel clinic called 'The Hertford Travel Clinic'

If you are thinking of going abroad for a 2 week break or travelling the world on a gap year then please click here for more information on the services offered.


The Shingles Vaccine

There has been much talk in the press about this new vaccine.  Unfortunately the NHS stock of the vaccine is actually very small and as such they are launching it with strict age criteria as below.  We will be offering it to eligible patients alongside their flu jab.  You will be pleased to hear it is a one off jab!

Who can have the Shingles Vaccination?

Shingles vaccination is offered routinely as part of the NHS vaccination programme for people aged 70 or 79. The first people to have the vaccine will be those aged 70 or 79 on September 1 2013.

If you were aged 70 or 79 on September 1 2013 but become 71 or 80 before attending for vaccination, you will still be able to have the shingles vaccine.

If you are aged 71 to 78 on September 1 2013, your next opportunity to have the shingles vaccine will be after you have reached the age of 79.

To find out more click here.



Practice Survey

Thank you to all those who took the time to complete this years practice survey.  Please see the results and final report here.

You can also now keep up to date by following us on twitter. 

Treat yourself with home remedies

Common health complaints, such as coughs, colds and headaches, account for one out of every five GP appointments in England.

This is especially true in winter months.  Most of these can be treated quicker and just as effectively at home using self care and over-the-counter medicines bought from pharmacies or supermarkets.  Click on common medical questions on the left hand column for our help sheets or click here for  the top 10 most common conditions that can be treated without seeing your GP.

Have we got your correct phone details?

With the move to mobile phones, we are finding that the phone numbers we have for our patients are frequently out of date.  Please inform us if you change your phone number as we always try to phone you first before writing to you if there is a query about your latest blood tests, hospital letters etc.

Also if we have a mobile phone number for you we can also send you text message reminders (with your permission) about your next appointment as well as give you advance warning of flu clinics and other useful information.  



Your records and data sharing what you need to know

As you have heard in the news, the NHS is changing the way it uses patient data, to help improve access to services, funding and aiming to provide a better experience for patients.  Due to complaints about poor information and lack of awareness, the date to go live has been put back "for at least six months" and will now be October at the earliest.  Click below for more information.

Please read the poster with some information HERE

More information can be found in the official information booklet HERE

 If you do want to opt out of sharing your data please fill this form out and drop, email (if rescanned back on with your signature) or fax it to the surgery.