Other Services

Pregnancy Care

See our information for Pregnancy care at DHS

Baby Vaccination Clinic

Wednesday mornings. You will automatically be sent an appointment. To see the full current recommended immunisation schedule please visit the NHS choices website.

Child Health Clinic

These are held usually on Monday mornings at the Amwell End site and booked by our admin team for children at 8 weeks of age. The baby immunisations are done at Amwell End on a Thursday.

Diabetic Clinics

There are special clinics for diabetic patients who are not followed up by the hospital and the Surgery’s diabetic nurse will arrange appointments.

Diving Medicals

Dr Baverstock is a Health & Safety Executive-registered medical examiner of professional divers.

Family Planning, Sexual Health and Preconception

You can make an appointment with any nurse or doctor to discuss the following:

  • Contraceptive Pills
  • Contraceptive Injections
  • Coils
  • Natural Methods
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Preconception advice
  • Discussions regarding sterilisations and terminations

For more information regarding the different types of contraception please visit the NHS Choices website.

You can make an appointment regarding caps with: Dr Watson, Dr Maddams, Dr Davies and Dr Morgan.

Flu Clinics

Each year we run flu vaccinations clinics for all those entitled to it. This includes all patients with asthma, heart, neurological disease, immune suppression, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, patients over 65 years of age and residents of nursing and residential homes. Please contact reception in September for details of the vaccination dates and to make an appointment. We also advertise the start date on this website, in our newsletter and in the surgery well in advance. If you are housebound, a home visit will be arranged to undertake this facility. Unfortunately, the NHS does not provide the service for those who do not fit the above criteria. If your job requests that you have it, your work place must offer it to you via their own occupational health system. For details of who is eligible for the seasonal flu vaccine please visit the NHS Choices website.


We have our own audiology machine which allows us to screen for adults who have a concern regarding their hearing. This service is directly bookable with the health care assistants but we do ask you make an appointment with the nurse first just to make sure your ears are clear of wax (you do not need to see a GP first).

Hypertension and Heart Disease

These services are carried out by the doctors and nurses. We have a significant amount of in-house expertise at our disposal and, where necessary, are able to investigate with an ECG, a 24 hour heart rate monitor and a 24 hour blood pressure monitor as well as lend blood pressure monitors for home monitoring.

Minor Surgery

Dr Baverstock and Dr Arul do most of our minor ops and if you feel you may need something removing, try to book with them in advance. If a minor op is needed an appointment will be discussed and arranged.

We also offer joint injections of shoulders and knees and the above two doctors, plus Dr O’Reilly and Dr Davies are happy to do these if needed.

Respiratory Clinic (Asthma & COPD)

All partners have a good understanding of the modern management of respiratory diseases. We have two qualified Asthma Nurses available in the asthma clinic for assisting newly diagnosed asthmatics and patients with COPD. You can self-book for these clinics by contacting reception. The appointments are for disease monitoring and not for acute illnesses.

Smoking Cessation

We offer heath care assistant led smoking cessation appointments, where you will be counselled over a number of weeks and given the support needed on helping you give up smoking, our health-care assistants can provide advice and regular one-to-one ongoing support as well as helping you access nicotine supplements, zyban and champix on prescription – please contact reception to make you an appropriate appointment.

Travel Clinic & Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive travel health and vaccination service.  Ideally we require as much notice as possible (ideally 6 weeks) before travelling and the completion of a travel form. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment after we have received the completed travel form. Please note we regret that no patient will be seen without a completed travel form.

Before your appointment we advise you to go to www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk and look up your planned destination. Remember there is more to travel advice than vaccinations.

Don’t leave it too late

Most vaccinations need to be administered at least 2 weeks before travel but for departures to long haul destinations and some risky destinations a course of injections up to 6 months before is recommended. Getting your travel form to us as quickly as possible is vital to enable us to ensure you are fully protected. Please note on the day and emergency appointments will not be available for travel vaccinations.